Bad Ass Boudicca

Incase you didn’t know Boudicca is famous for leading a major rebellion against the Roman army. She was a brave, fierce, bad ass warrior woman, and this is why she fascinates me so much!

I’m inspired by Boudicca’s loyalty to her tribes, her ‘not backing down’ mentality and her bravery in the most scary and often violent situations. I rediscovered (I’d learnt about Boudicca at school prior to that) Boudicca’s story whilst living in Colchester, a city that is littered with references to the great warrior! From street names, buildings, businesses and schools, the name Boudicca, or Iceni appears everywhere. At the time I was going through my own battle- a tough marriage and finding the strength to leave. I remember reading a heritage poster in the city centre outlining Boudicca’s life. It inspired me, and gave me a renewed sense of strength and determination to move on in my situation. I was never a particularly ‘girlie girl’ growing up, preferring the rough and tumble, being outdoors and bossing around the kids in my street. I had a flash moment of envying Boudicca for the bad ass warrior she was!

Boudicca’s early life-

Rumour has it that prior to Boudicca taking over as leader of her army, the men were unorganised, consumed by in-fighting and pessimistic about their chances of defeating the Romans. Even though she had been subjected to violent beatings, rape and whipping from the Roman soliders, Boudicca had the strength and determination to rise up and fight against the injustices she saw happening to her people. What incredible strength and leadership!!!

Boudicca was a Mum to 2 daughters, you would be forgiven for thinking she would have protected them from the violence of battle by sending them away or hiding them behind the front line. I’d most likely do all I could to protect my boys from harm. However, she encouraged her daughters to fight alongside her, inspiring them to fight for what they believed in. A brave move, but one that showed how she led by example and saw herself, despite being the Queen, as the same as her people. Such a vital quality, in my view, or a leader of people. A quality sadly lacking from many of today’s world leaders!

Historical reports say Boudicca would ride alongside her warriors, in her chariot, shouting words of encouragement and support, motivating them not to give up, despite the fact they were being brutally defeated. A Celtic cheerleader! Most definitely a motivator of people! As well as making an impact on me at a time I needed strength, I love that Boudicca too was a cheerleader in her community. #kindredspirits

Boudica statue, Westminster (8433726848).jpg
Boudicca and her daughters.

how Boudicca is remembered

This statue of Boudicca and her daughters is situated in London, on the north side of Westminster Bridge. The statue was commissioned in 1850, designed by Thomas Thornycroft and founded out of bronze in the town where I now live, Basingstoke! Queen Victoria’s husband was involved in commissioning the piece, as it was first intended to erected over the arched entrance to Hyde Park. Prince Albert lent horses as models and it’s believed the statue bears a similar resemblence to a young Queen Victoria- well after all the name Boudicca means victory! The Victorians drew many similarities between Queen Victoria and Boudicca, so with my name being Victoria, maybe I was drawn to her!

I’m certain, those female leaders you look up to today, are sprinkled with a snippet of Boudicca spirit!

be Bold, find balance, be more flamingo, V xx

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