My name is Victoria and I’m…..

It’s probably time i introduced myself!

Hey! Thanks for stopping by! I’m Victoria and this is my blog. I decided to start a blog as a place to share stories and inspire others. My blog, primarily will be a collection of stories, sharing with you the lives of women who have changed my world. I’ve tried to keep my posts short enough to be read in just 5/8 mins, because I know the busy mum life struggle!

If you’d like to know more about why I’m blogging on this take a read of my first blog post- here’s the link-

I’d best be described as a mum, constantly chasing her tail, trying to juggle home life, mum life and biz life. I have two sons, with a 7 year age gap so the juggle stretches to all aspects of what I do! Whilst I’m not a particularly girlie girl, having sons has challenged me to embrace more mud, accept loud is the minimum volume and realise that food NEEDS to be eaten 24/7. However, I love the challenges they have led me to undertake. As a child I loved being outdoors, so they have rekindled this love. I’m learning to use my brain in a different way, as males really do operate on an entirely different operating system to females! I’m passionate about equal rights, and that the voice of everyone has a place. I see it as entirely an honour to share my passions with my sons, although I have a feeling they indulge me in my passion for vintage frocks, rather than truly share my passion! Whilst on the topic of passions, I’m a tea lover, so it won’t be a surprise to hear i’m a fan of vintage tea cups, so much so my obsession led to a business! That’s a whole other blog post for another day .

what is it i do ?

I’m a Business Coach to female entrepreneurs, often mums, who have become overwhelmed by the stress and struggle of running a business. I help them to find their confidence as business owners, find clarity and refocus on what’s important in moving their business forward. There’s more about how I work on this page-

Why do I coach others??

  • I 100% understand the juggle, stress and overwhelm of running a business, but I also know you don’t have to feel that way!
  • I’m passionate about being part of others journeys on this planet! Sounds a bit woo woo right? But something I’ve discovered about myself is that I’m good at guiding others, lending them my ear, supporting them when they need strength and cheering them on when they need motivation.
  • I’m driven by the success of others. I WANT you to succeed, it motivates me to continue!

I’d love to know what brings you here, what do you hope this blog will bring you?? Leave me a comment!

Be bold, find balance, be more flamingo v xx

Ps, I promise to explain the flamingo obsession soon too!

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