So what’s with the flamingos?

You’re a what??

It’s probably time I confessed…….. I’m a crazy flamingo lady…… No don’t run, stay with me! It’s really not just a fad, a following of a craze, an instagram thing. There’s some real thought behind this. Let me explain.

Flamingos are social birds, that prefer to be part of a flock, than stride out alone. They are loyal to their flock, and need each other to survive. Their one legged stance enables them to conserve energy and allows rest, yet they find balance in this pose, making it seem almost graceful, and most definitely in control. The more shrimp they eat the pinker their feathers! In terms of spirit animals flamingos represent femininity, boldness, teamwork and balance.

brand values

So it’s not strange to me that I’ve always been drawn to them. When working with a brand strategist (an amazing women who’s website you should most def check out- she asked me about my values, the things that my business stands for, the legacy I wanted to leave. I had an epiphany, I’m a flamingo looking to build my flock!

I’m loyal and fiercely defend my flock. I believe we all need a village (or flock but you know, over use of the word an all!) around us in order to strive, we need connections, we’re not designed to do this alone. Being a mum and running a business means I’m constantly looking for balance. I want to find a way to do it all- gracefully! So I think it makes more sense to say ‘why wouldn’t it be flamingos?’ All of those attributes I listed in my introduction as belonging to flamingos are important facets of the brand I’m building for my business. These values are what guide my decision making, help me regain focus when I’m bogged down with ideas and they keep ME in my business. Those values, and my interpretation of them is what make the services I offer and the way I work unique. Have you thought about this for your business???

Pic credit- Dom Webber

In what now feels like a previous life, I owned a women’s wear boutique. This was long before I thought about my current brand values and made the connection to my now adopted as spirit animal a flamingo. Opposite is a picture from my shop wall, a mural that took centre stage, an ethos my shop lived by. Empowering and supporting others to live their life unapologetic about being themselves has always been the ‘golden thread’ woven into everything I do, that and my passion for helping others succeed- but that’s a whole other post!!!

flamin what??

And if you’re wondering about ‘Flamin Famingo’?? As a mum of 2 feisty boys I’m often pushed to the limits. I have a tendency to be a bit ‘potty mouth’ so needed an non sweary alternative. Flamin Flamingo replaced ‘fuck sake’, ‘fuck me’ ‘fucking hell’….. and all the other fucks! It seemed fitting as a name for a business that helps others overcome issues in their business that may lead to a few F bombs slipping out!

If you run a business I’d love to know more about what led you to choosing the name/branding you have? What aligns you with your business?

Be bold, find balance, be more flamingo V xx

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