4 Steps to help you identify your ideal customer.

Anyone who buys from you is an ideal customer right???

Wrong!! You’re ideal customers are the ones you make a connection with, the customers who come back to buy from you again because you meet their needs so succinctly. The customers that leave you reviews, tell everyone about your business and are happy to send you leads. When you plan to purposefully serve these customers the benefits will be

  • Clarity & focus in the strategy and direction of your business
  • Increase in profits due to more sales
  • A recognised brand’
  • A more purposeful business

Step 1- identify the pain points/issues your business provides a solution too…

Notice the wording- this is not about identifying the pain points of the customer! Start with the pain points your business addresses. You should be able to use your previous and existing customers to help you define this. Look for common reasons they engage with you. This then forms a great foundation for brainstorming the customers who may have those problems. You can then run through the following steps to think about how they apply to those customers.

Step 2- Demographics…

This step is all about getting deeper under the skin of your ideal customer. Consider age, location, martial status, income, occupation, expendable income. You might have this information to hand from work with previous customers, alternatively you could conduct some market research via a survey. It’s worth thinking about where your customer ‘hangs out’ in terms of how you will market to them. This will help you create a marketing strategy that your ideal customers are more likely to see, and more likely to read/view. Finally, for this step, think about how often your ideal customer will purchase from you. Is it a one time purchase? Will they need your service at a certain point in the year or time of life? Are your products consumables so will need regular repurchase? Having these processes clear, in terms of how your customer might buy will help you plan your price.

Step 3- Values of the customer..

This is a vital step that is often forgotten, because often business owners presume their customers share the same values as their business thinking that’s what attracts them! But the truth is that as a business you need to explore the important choices, lifestyles and morals your customers live by. This ensures your business is viable in their world. It’s not vital you live their values, for example, if your products are vegan-friendly it’s not essential you are vegan. But you do need to have thought through the lifestyle and the decision making processes of your vegan customers.

Step 4- Feature v’s benefits..

The diagram above highlights this step so clearly (and being a Mario fan it makes me smile!) Knowing the benefit of your service or product to your customer and being able to clearly explain or evidence it is key to attracting more customers. People buy the benefits! At Christmas, the toys that come with batteries included will sell quicker- the batteries being included is the benefit! So brainstorm the features of your product/service and then what the benefits are. Ask previous customers what they found the benefits to be, as sometimes they are not what you think!

Once you have completed these 4 steps you could put all the information together to create what is often referred to as a ‘customer or buyer avatar’- it’s simply all of the above info written as a ‘story’ bringing your ideal customer to life. It’s not vital you do this, don’t feel compelled! But it is vital you collate all of the above info into a document that you refer to when creating a new marketing campaign, social media content, a new service or product and when you are feeling unclear on who your business serves. As always I’m here to help you every step of the way! Feel free to ping me a message with any questions or further explanations you need!

Be bold, find balance, be more flamingo! v xxx

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