Getting savvy about who to follow on Instagram

Who to follow? Who should be following you? how to find new followers? This blog helps you decide who should be on those lists!

First up, Instagram is NOT a numbers game! The amount of followers you have or those you are following is not important, it’s the quality of those accounts! What you want is a followers list full of your ideal customers, all of whom interact and engage with you! No point in having 500M followers if only 10 buy from you and only your mum replies to your posts! Never be tempted to buy followers. This is not going to help your reach or engagement, or your profit! Those bought followers will most likely be ‘Bots’- auto generated accounts that spam and add zero value. So go on over into your account and take a look at those in your followers list!

Are you stuck in an industry circle???

Lets dig into who is on your followers list. Ideally it will be accounts that are your ideal customer, or those who will buy from you. Your followers list tells Instagram what you’re interested in and who you like to socialise with. If this list is colleagues from your industry, people you have met and added at networking events, trade shows, fairs etc then you are telling Instagram this is the ‘circle’ you want to be mixed in. Your grid will be shown to lots in that industry and you will see lots of that industry. Absolutely fine if you are B2B and want to be in a particular industry, but absolutely useless if you are a jewellery designer wanting to sell to women over 40 and all that see’s you are other jewellery designers! How to fix it? Go through your list and remove followers who are not helping you show up to your ideal customer. Break free from that industry circle you may have been placed in!

Who are you following???

Are you following your ideal customers??? In order to show up on their radar follow them! Interact with their posts, show interest in their feed!

It’s useful to look through those you are following and remove:

  • Bots- these accounts tend to be following thousands, have scantly clad female or male profile pics and very few posts.
  • Any negative distractions- any accounts that don’t send good vibes, that cause you to compare and question yourself or make you feel unworthy. Bye Felicia!
  • Competitors- they aren’t a problem if your intentions of following are to be inspired and to share/collaborate etc. If they make you feel inadequate- remove! Also remember industry circles!

What if the accounts I want to follow are private???

This can often be the case and it can be tempting to click that ‘request to follow’ button. But don’t do it! These accounts have chosen to stay private, this tells you they are not wanting unsolicited follow requests. Respect that and move on. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t show up in places these accounts will still see you (and hopefully choose to follow you!). Think about these accounts as ‘whole people’- what are their likes, hobbies, lifestyles, buying preferences etc. Go and interact with accounts that they may be likely to follow. So if you want to attract mums, interact on baby goods, clothing, toys accounts. Be sure your interactions with these accounts are meaningful and add to the conversation. In time, these private accounts will notice you, fingers crossed they will pop over and check out your grid!

Passively grow your followers-

Add your Instagram details to the following places to remind your customers & audience to follow your account.

  • Email signature
  • Facebook page/group
  • Website
  • LinkedIn
  • Blogs
  • Business cards & stationery
  • In your premises (shop/office)
  • On banners
  • On your packaging

Are you following me? @flamin_flamingo_coaching

Let me know if you have found this useful! Any questions on who to follow and where to find followers please ask in the comments and I will be sure to reply.

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