How to write captions for Instagram that people will read.

If all of your posts on Instagram are sales related then you are limiting your engagement!

Social media is exactly that- SOCIAL! If all you are focusing on is highlighting and promoting your products you will be seriously limiting your sales! As a Business Coach helping mums running creative businesses I’m often asked ‘what should I be saying on social media??’ This blog shares with you the tips and advice I give my clients.

Show your face!! Don’t be afraid of showing up in your social media! Your audience want to see you. They want to get to know you and what makes you tick, so use your social media as a place to share this with them. Please don’t worry about ‘being perfect’ (my good friend Gitte has a great blog about that here!) It’s way more important to be visible,

Nail your image

The pictures you use matter, in that they will serve you better if they are bright, clear and real- as in not stock images. That said it is ok to use stock images on occasion. I like to stick to an 80:20 ratio. Sites like Unsplash and Pixabay are great for finding free to use images. Top Tip- scroll down the page and choose an image, the most used pics are the ones at the top, so this will help you stand out. Using apps such as Canva is a really easy way to create images that use your brand colours and fonts, keeping images on brand makes them recognisable as yours.

captivating captions

If you’ve read other blogs I’ve written you will know I talk a lot about providing opportunities for your audience to know, like and trust you. Your social media content is the perfect place to build on this. When you are writing captions, think about how you can phrase it to impact the know/like/trust factor. Below is an example of the types of topics you could post about;

  • Know- about you as a person- interests/hobbies/likes/fun facts -about your biz- your why/story/values/purpose/passions/mission
  • Like- be real, relatable and resonate with people
  • Trust- be seen as an expert in your field- share techniques/tools/methods/opinions

The first 11 words….

In Instagram the first 11 words are the ones a reader sees before it they have to click ‘see more’. These 11 words need to count! Think of them as a hook, to draw your reader in. You need to entice them with what’s to come, and motivate them to stay on your post, reading to the end, then engage with you. Try asking a question, making a bold or controversial statement or be emotive. Then continue your caption as if it’s a story, rather than a description. Think beginning, middle and end. Relate this story to your experiences to make it engaging.

What should I post to avoid being ‘salesy’?

Product based BUSINESS- use a pic of your product and talk about-
  • what inspired you to make it
  • who might buy it
  • how it’s made
  • why you sell it
  • a feature of it
  • how you want it to make people feel
  • a testimonial from someone who bought it
  • reflect back to when you first made/sold/stocked it
Service based business- refer to a service-
  • who you hope to inspire
  • your skills that you use to provide it
  • your perspective on the service
  • industry expectations
  • how your service differs
  • why you created it
  • testimonial relating to it

above all else, remember social media is less about you and more about what others want to hear from you in order to feel connected to you. Share your social media account with me in the comments, I’d love to connect!

This blog is part of a series over on my Facebook group- link to the free group here. This series shares my tips and practical tricks for boosting your reach and engagement on Instagram. Feel free to come over and join in!

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