5 ways to boost your reach and improve engagement on Instagram

Would you like more engagement on your Instagram posts? Want to know how to get more followers who actually comment? Looking to grow your instagram followers?

You’re in the right place! As a Business coach to busy Mums running creative businesses I’m often asked to share tips on how to make the ‘business’ tasks easier, social media in particular! Building engagement on Instagram can be time consuming and difficult to see results, if not done in a strategic manner. This is often were frustration comes in. Hands up if you feel like you spend forever creating your posts only for tumble-weed in the comments section??!! This blog is going to help you put an end to both the frustration and the tumble-weed!

Instagram is your shop window funnelling your ideal customer in deeper too your website or onto a call….

With this in mind it’s really important that you Bio is on point. People make judgements in the first 7 seconds of seeing something. So in order to get them to stay on your grid, your Bio needs to hook them in! Here’s a quick checklist of what to include;

  • Who/what you (your buisness) is?
  • Who do you help/serve?
  • What solutions do you offer?
  • Include your location- if you are a ‘bricks & mortar’ include your exact address. If you work from home inc your town and county.
  • Web link- you only get to add one so make it count! Ideally have a link to a page on your website that includes all the other links to how to find you, e.g your facebook, mailing list etc.
  • Profile Pic- it should be of you. People want to see the person behind the business, not the logo, shopfront, products.

1- Hashtags

Hashtags are the tool on Instagram that tell the algorithm gods where to put your content- who to show it too! Think of them as the ‘keywords’ of Insta! They play a huge, probably the most important part, in getting your content seen by those who have the problems/pain points you have solutions too, but they don’t know you exist so can’t search your business name! If you’d like my top tips for exactly how to identify which hashtags to use I’d recommend you read my blog- How to use hashtags in Instagram to boost your reach & engagement

2- Followers & Following

It’s really important to take note of who you follow and who is following you. The accounts on these lists tell Instagram who and what you are interested in. So if they are full of industry specific accounts you will be lumped into those circles by Insta, and find you only see content about your industry. This is not useful as these people are not your target audience! I would reccommend being brutal and culling your lists! Get rid of;

  • Bots- those accounts following thousands and not many followers! Usually scantly clad female profile pics or men with their tops off!
  • Too many industry specific accounts
  • Negative distractions- accounts that make you feel bad etc. Also friends or family who are unlikely to buy from you- tough I know but they affect your reach!
  • Competitors- if you feel like having them follow you or following them is not positive.

For more in-depth insights take a read of my blog- Getting savvy about who to follow!

Who to follow and where to find followers?? See the next two points!

3- Meaningful Interactions

Instagram is a SOCIAL media tool, not a selling platform, like Etsy or Ebay! The clue is in the name! It’s a platform designed to encourage and nurture human interactions. Even if you are using it to promote and market your business you 100% should still be doing this in a sociable, not sales way! Here’s how-

Be yourself. Talk to people exactly as you would if you were sat having a coffee. Share elements of yourself and your story. Be a ‘real’ person that your audience can get to know and interact with. This way interactions become more meaningful. Avoid responses such as ‘thanks’ or ‘love this pic’, ‘nice pic’, ‘great pic’ because none of those statements enable a further conversation to take place. They feel fake and contrived. Be genuine! Remember to nurture your own followers. Reply to the comments they leave on your posts with more than ‘thanks’. Pop into their grids and leave comments on their posts or stories. BE SOCIABLE! If you’d like to find out more about interacting with meaning take a read of the blog I wrote sharing my top tips

4- Purposeful content

If your grid is wall to wall sales posts, not just obvious sales posts but the ones where you simply describe a product or service, then you’re engagement will be limited. Purposeful content is content that helps your audience get to know, like and trust you. It’s written with intent, intent to share your story, your motivations, your passions, your why, your how. It shares you as a real person not just a business selling stuff to anyone wanting to buy. People want to get to know you, and see behind the scenes. Don’t be afraid to show them your processes- as in you making, creating ,designing, gaining inspiration etc.

The first 11 words of your caption are key to grabbing the attention of your audience, hooking them in, enticing them to find out more. The people who read the entire post are those most likely to buy from you! So make those 11 words count!

5- Stories matter

Instagram stories are the ideal way to share a behind the scenes view with your audience. It gives them the chance to see the ‘real life’ day to day goings on of your business. They can feel part of the process! Video is the best way to capture this. It’s instant, real and makes the most impact. You can add stickers- questions, polls, quizes etc that add a level of interaction, meaning you have instant feedback from your audience. This is great for market research! Imagine asking your followers what colour you should use for your product, then later that day you can show them the finished product that they have had a hand in creating! Fantastic way of building a community with your audience.

Stories can include regular slots like throwback thursdays or follow fridays. They are a great place for sharing your thoughts- a video diary of your day, making your audience feel they have come along with you. You can also share other peoples content in your stories as a way of interacting with others and boosting both of your reach!

To make your stories more authentic stick with video, rather than pic/text format. Remember most people view stories muted to add subtitles! Keep your sticker, gif, hashtag use minimal to avoid the story looking cluttered.

This blog is part of a series over in my Facebook Group- find the group here- on how to boost your reach and engagement in Instagram. There are a series of videos to accompany the blogs, go take a look! If you have any questions for me please do leave a comment on this blog!

be bold, find balance, be more flamingo! v xxx

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