What is the role of a coach?

Ever wondered what a coach does and how they can help you? Wondering what the difference is between a coach, mentor and counsellor? Read on!

There is a simple answer- a coach facilitates, holds space and reflects back what you say, with some element of re-framing your words to encourage change. A mentor offers advice based on their experiences, giving you solutions & answers. A counsellor questions, digging deep and guiding you to make changes using therapeutic methods.

All deal in change, communication and motivation. A coach uses your own words, ideas and methods to guide you to reflect, refocus and move forward. They courage you to work through the challenge, empowering you and reassuring you to have belief in yourself- you have the answers, they support you to solidify them!

As a Business Coach to Mums running creative businesses I see my key role as the following;

  • To facilitate change
  • To affect positive change through empowering, motivating and encouraging
  • To ask you to consider all options by helping you re-frame your thoughts
  • To highlight the choices available to you- choice=control therefore a capacity to change
  • To encourage honesty- through self appraisal & self reflection
  • To support you to commit to success- change is available- choice is something we all have
  • To challenge you to push your own boundaries and re-frame your thoughts
  • To focus is on you as a client and your needs, not my experience or views
  • To offer a space that is safe, confidential and nurturing.

I hope this has helped you figure out how a coach can be of benefit to you and your business growth. If you would like to find out more about what I do as a coach I’d love to invite you to follow me on Instagram- follow the link here.

Be bold, find balance, be more flamingo! v xx

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