Simple Guide To Setting Intentions

Do you struggle with setting goals and maintaining motivation in order to achieve them?

Many of my clients ask me for guidance when it comes to setting goals that are achievable as well as small enough to maintain the motivation it takes to hit the target. I believe that one of the issues, leading to a roadblock for many of use, is the language we use around the thing we want to achieve and the mindset we have about goals/targets/ticking off to do’s. Let’s begin by exploring the semantics of ‘intention’ and ‘goal’.

Words do matter

When it comes to the difference between a goal and an intention the way we interpret the words matter. I believe

a goal is in the future, it’s a destination you are heading to, it’s an action that leads to change over a period of time. An intention is in the present moment, it is lived daily and it is a shift in behaviour that leads to a bigger change.

As entrepreneurs we are very familiar with the process of setting goals- deciding what we want and making a plan to get us there. Some of us even stay on track and get it done! However, for some of us, we can loose motivation, come off track and fail to achieve what we planned. This can make us feel like we are a failure. This is why I believe setting out and living intentions is far more beneficial to making change in your business.

Intentions are how you want to be, not what you want to do

As an entrepreneur I’m sure you have set your values and your purpose, you know what you intend to do with your business. Setting intentions allows you to live these values, to recognise how these values play a part in your daily life. Intentions also enable us to connect with our purpose, giving us aspirations and motivation to to achieve it. Through setting your intentions daily you are raising your emotional energy, this allows us to be more open to the abundance the universe has in store for us. This rise in energy changes our mindset, we feel a deeper level of satisfaction in the tasks we complete, and change becomes more long lasting.

There are no rules-

It’s important to remember there are no rules when it comes to how you set your intentions, what you set them about, how you word them, how you enact them in your day. Intentions are best served when they have entirely personal meaning. However, to guide you on your path I will share some of my insights with the intention that those who need to hear this will discover it for themselves.

Intentions are limitless-

You can set an intention as big or as wide as you see if. It’s empowering to think that we can make positive choices that will have huge impact on our lives! So don’t feel held back. Intentions do not have to be ‘KISS’!

Intentions can make you more productive-

In order to achieve our goals we often need to increase of effectiveness and productivity. For some this can led to feeling overwhelmed as we feel we most do all the things! But if we set an intention to open our minds to being more productive it will take away that need to do more. For example- I intend for my mind to be open to clarity. Setting this intention will allow the universe to send you more clarity as well as you being reminded to look for a clearer, simpler pathway in all you do. You become less bogged down in the process and more focused on the overall feelings of the result.

intentions involve letting go-

This can be a real challenge! We are often stuck in our head, rather than leading with our hearts. Setting intentions is about letting go of the control, not focusing on the process but trusting in the end results. You may find yourself being stuck in the ‘shoulds’ mindset. If you set goals you may be used to focusing on what you should do, should achieve etc. Intentions are about what you want and desire! It can take practice to get in tune with your heart. So take some time focuses on how choices you make feel. Learn to trust those feelings.

Think of intentions as wishes

If at this point you are saying ‘Ok I get what an intention is, but I have no idea where to start‘ or maybe your thinking ‘can I do this without it being so woo-woo?’ Then the ‘WOOP’ method is a great place for you to start! It focuses on intentions being wishes we grant for ourselves. It helps us think ahead of how our head may take over and stop us listening to our heart. It gives us a structure allowing us to get more in tune with our inner voice and intuition. Take a look at the infographic below;

If you’d like a template to use with the woop method come you will find it in my free facebook group- link here. This group provides clear, practical support and training as well as a community of like-minded women!

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