How to write a headline that generates leads on LinkedIn

Struggling to get leads on LinkedIn? Want to convert connections into leads?

This 5 min read will share with you how to use the headline on your LinkedIn profile to attract more of your ideal customers. LinkedIn is a cluttered platform, meaning it can be difficult to get noticed and stand out. Having a headline that speaks directly to your ideal customer is key!

What’s the purpose of the headline on your LinkedIn profile?

The headline is the words on your profile that appear just under your profile picture. It is the first thing people see when interacting with you. It’s the most visible section of your profile because it appears on every single comment you make, post you write, article you share! Your headline is the line that introduces you to others. If you were meeting face to face it would be the words spoken when someone introduces you to the room. Your headline really needs to make a positive impact on all those you come into contact with on the platform. With only 120 characters to use, it’s vital you get the content right. Ensure it explains exactly what you bring to the table.

LinkedIn was formally a platform used primarily for seeking and recruiting for employment. It was key your profile spoke in language a recruiter would find valuable. But a recent shift has seen LinkedIn used more and more to showcase who you are and who & how you can help others. Even if you are product based it is vital to have a profile that shares your expertise clearly. Although you may not find customers wanting to buy your jewellery you may find journalists looking to interview creatives, blogs looking for guest expert writers, journals wanting to feature you as. All of which gains you exposure to your ideal audience.

Keywords are key for gaining visibility

A good place to start is writing a list of all of the keywords associated with your business. This gets you thinking about the language to use in your headline, as well as words your ideal customer might be using to search for you. If the words they search appear in your headline you appear in their search! Simples!

How well do you know your Ideal customer?

I invite you to write out a sentence that explains who you help, to do what and how. Think about that list of keywords your wrote, how can you include these words? The key to making this succinct is to drill down on your niche. It can be really tempting to cast your net wide in order to optimise sales, but in order to generate leads think carefully about using LinkedIn to attract your IDEAL, ideal customers- Niche!!!

Niche, go deep….

Niche means drill down into the exact client you want to attract via LinkedIn. As I said previously LinkedIn is cluttered. It can be hard to speak clearly to anyone, let alone your ideal customer. So plan a strategy for using LinkedIn that focuses on using it to attract one particular type of client. Be sure to pick a client that hangs out on the platform!

So back to the example of ‘who, to do what & how‘. Avoid saying ‘women’ and think more about exactly what type of women, what stage of live, what occupation, what area of industry, what income bracket, what location. Be super clear on this

Your headline is about them not you!

Avoid writing your headline in a way that makes it about you. You want to speak directly to your ideal customer so it needs to be about them, to reflect themselves back. For this reason I am a fan of using terms like;

  • helping
  • coaching
  • guiding
  • providing a product to
  • supporting

Think of your headline as showing your ideal customer what you have to offer them rather then telling them about you. Headlines that include words such as ‘award winning, expert in, featured in’ get less interactions as you set yourself up as unapproachable. Be real, but not braggy!

Remember you only have 120 characters to explain clearly who you help, to do what and how. Use them wisely! It could be useful to write a draft headline and share in your network, maybe on your Facebook page or group, to ask your audience if it resonates with them, if it describes you in a way they describe what you do for them. It can be very powerful to use the exact words your ideal customers use to communicate with them.

If we have not yet connected on LinkedIn, I’d love to connect! Find me here.

share your headline with me in the comments if you would like my input.

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