A guide to writing the best vision statement for your business- with examples

What is Vision? How do you write a vision statement for your business that has lasting impact?

Vision literally means ‘to see’, so when we talk of a vision statement or the vision for your business we mean your bigger picture- how do you SEE your business in terms of the world, the community and you. It’s the amalgamation of your intentions, goals, aspirations and legacy. When you combine all of those elements, add in 10 years business growth you arrive at your vision!

What should your vision statement include?

* What not how– your vision statement is a succinct sentence (or two) that defines what you hope to achieve by through the services or products you offer. It’s the change your business will make in the world.

*Impact– think about how you articulate the impact your business will have on the world, the community, on life, your family, you. Choose words that align with your business values, along with words that reflect how you want your customers to think of you.

*Legacy– imagine yourself as a 90 year old, being interviewed about your life as an entrepreneur, what will you be saying about your business? What changes did you bring about? What innovations? How will the world remember you? This is big! But remember your vision has no boundaries, it is all about the bigger picture and the overall purpose you stand to achieve.

*Dream Big– blue sky thinking is allowed! Allow yourself to think big when it comes to the vision for your business. Remember your vision is not something you will achieve in a day so don’t be afraid to make a bold statement that you will grow into.

How to write a vision statement for your business

A good place to start is by asking yourself some searching questions, dig deep into your goals, values, mission etc.

  • What does success look like for you and your business?
  • How will you measure that success?
  • How or what does it mean for you to live your values?

Move on to consider how the day to day of your business operates and what that looks like in terms of moving towards your goals, incorporating your values and evaluating your success. It’s important to think about your customers journey through your business, this will help you look at how well you are putting your values etc into practice and whether the current processes you have in place are leading you towards your vision. As a Business Coach, I often work with clients to help them figure out how the actions they take in their business effect the businesses overall outcomes. If what you are currently doing isn’t leading to the outcomes you have set out as goals or intentions then it’s time to refresh your actions!

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My Vision Board

A Vision Board is a useful tool to help you set out your vision as a picture, to put your thoughts into visuals before putting your visuals into words. The key to a great vision board is too include both pictures that represent the end goal as well as pictures that depict the journey. If your vision board is detailing just one year, focus on the smaller steps for that year that lead you to the overall vision. For this reason it is beneficial to create a ‘final vision’ board that depicts your business in 10+ years time. That way you can keep your eye on the bigger picture whilst making smaller goals.

Finally, write a sentence that encompasses all of the above! This takes time, it’s likely you will write and rewrite that sentence a few times over! But this is ok, part of having a vision is seeing the bigger picture, and how that bigger picture shifts. Don’t be afraid of this shift.

You don’t have to figure this out alone! Want some support?

Being a solopreneur can often mean you have no one to thrash these things out with. Why not use my listening ear, objective view point and coaching skills to support you reach a conclusion you’re happy with? I offer a ‘Power Hour’ session (full details click this link)– 90 mins of 121 coaching during which we can work through the above resulting in a first draft of your vision statement! You can book via my ‘work with me’ page!

I’d love to read your vision statement! Share it in the comments!

Be Bold, Find Balance, Be More Flamingo! V xx

3 thoughts on “A guide to writing the best vision statement for your business- with examples

  1. Thank you for sharing, good points well made. I think a vision statement should also always contain a ‘why’. Very often I see businesses putting a lot of detail in ‘how’ they do things, but connecting with your higher values is that magic that will attract clients to what makes you unique and special


      1. I think it should be in both! As you rightfully state, the vision statement is about the big picture and the ‘why’ is always part of it as it inspires and informs everything you do as a business


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