What is Intuition?

Trusting your intuition needs you to first hear your own voice…

Do you follow your instincts when it comes to your business? Or do you hand over the power to someone else?

I’ve been on a journey lately, inside of my own mind, figuring out what my true strengths are, where my passions lie and how best to shine my light. It’s been uncomfortable at times, I have felt rage, sorrow and joy, but slowly I’m beginning to feel way way way more in tune with my own voice, my thoughts, my intuition.

For a long time I’ve known (as in I feel most aligned, most joy) my purpose is too empower other women. However, getting to the depths of exactly what that means and how that looks as a business has been a long, winding road. The twists and turns have thrown me off course more than once! I’ve struggled for some time getting to grips with what ’empowering women’ looks like. Because if we’re honest it’s a heavily overused word! I’m certain it means so many different things, and this is OK, because what matters is you know what it means for you and how to live by that definition. So here is my personal definition;

Women empowerment is educating,training,inspiring & connecting women so they are prepared and have ultimate confidence to live the lives of their dreams.

My latest personal ‘deep dive’ has helped me with the latest evolution of my business. In discovering how to tune in to, trust and act upon my intuition I have realised this is part of my ‘power’. It’s part of what I do when I’m coaching women- I just hadn’t made the connection. I help women trust their intuition! I provide a safe space for them to explore and understand their mindset, their thoughts, the way they feel and I help them to decode these feelings to use as guidance for their future. This is HOW I coach! I just hadn’t made the connection between what I do and intuition!

What exactly is intuition?

Let’s get to grips with this word! What exactly do I mean when I say intuition? Intuition is the voice inside your head, it’s the feeling you get before something happens or when you’re making a choice. It’s an inner knowing that you’re on the right path because it feels a certain way, or because your inner voice is positive about the choice. Sometimes you can receive signs that can remind us to trust our intuition, or remind us to go with our ‘gut’- a popular way of describing intuition.

So often we can become disconnected from our intuition. This doesn’t mean it has gone, or we don’t have any. It means we have stopped hearing the voice, blocked out the feeling or stopped looking for the signs. This happens to us when we hand over our power to others- but more about that later! First lets explore the benefits of following your gut!

Why you should tune in to your intuition

  • CLARITY- no matter the situation, deep down, if you’re honest with yourself you always know the answer. In today’s society of oversharing on social media, seeking validation from others, wanting quick fixes and instant answers many of us have stopped looking within ourselves when we need a clear answer. Tuning in to your intuition will mean these answers we seek surface much quicker and clearer.
  • CONFIDENCE- when it’s a decision you have made, based on how you feel about the situation you are far more likely to feel confident. People often describe the confidence that comes from following their intuition as ‘feeling like me’ and ‘sitting right’.
  • KNOW YOURSELF- and your purpose more clearly. When you listen to yourself more and trust you have the answers you begin to really know yourself. (This is exactly how I feel as a result of making some changes to my business based on listening to my intuition)
  • HAPPIER- in your skin! You feel more connected as your inner self ‘fits’ with your physical self. You notice that begin to let go of comparison because you being to trust that your methods are the best for you.
  • IMPROVED SELF CARE- I’m a huge believer that self care has little to do with long baths, maincure and face masks. Those ‘treat’ the external you. Self care is about nurturing and developing the inner you- your true self. Following your intuition will help you to figure out what your true self needs more of to feel content.
  • SHOULDS- melt away. As you gain a clearer understanding of what ‘is’ rather than what you should be doing.

When we become disconnected

As I mentioned earlier, when we become disconnected to following our intuition it can lead to use handing over the power to others, loosing our focus, feeling insecure and incompetent and comparing ourselves to others in a negative way. When I say ‘handing over the power’ I mean we look for answers from others, believing their methods and way are the only way to gain success. How many times have you seen a post on Facebook (other social media is available!) saying ‘ I earn £5k every month, sign up to my course, follow my method and you will earn that too’. We sign up (yep I’ve done it!) and get bombarded with a whole load of new ideas, that we try to shoehorn into what we do already, or worse, we change our business in order to fit their model (yes I’ve been there too!). At first it seems like it’s working, but as time goes on, it gets harder and harder to implement. We begin to feel less connected to our business, and the way forward is no longer clear. We’ve begun to feel we have to get validation from the other person (the course owner) on every decision we make because we can’t risk going off track! They hold the power! So how do you reclaim your power? How do you begin to tune in to your intuition???

Tuning your dial

I’ve spent some time over the last few weeks tuning back into my intuition using these methods. There are many more, find what works for you. Don’t give me the power! Try things out and be led by how you feel, what you notice and the results you gain.

  • Journalling- there are many ways to do this. Essentially it involves writing out how you feel, what you think. Let your inner voice come out as words on paper. I do this using a technique called Automatic writing- I close my eyes and write on a blank sheet of paper. There is no thought process, no focus on spelling etc. I literally just write and as my eyes are closed this can mean the words blend into one or get muddled, but that’s ok! The bulk of this blog post comes from a piece of automatic writing I did last week. The key is to go back through what you have written and look for clues! Words that stand out, phrases that feel right and maybe even answers as full sentences.
  • Mediation– I have been spending 20/30 mins morning and evening meditating. I’m new to this practice so I chose to use some guided sessions from YouTube as a start. But if you are more experienced at silencing your busy mind in order to ‘hear’ your inner mind you may choose to jump right in. Prior to mediating I will think about situations I need answers on or clarity in. Straight after the session I will write down anything that comes to mind. I’m no longer surprised to find what I write often contains the guidance I have asked for!
  • Visualisation– Like meditating this involves quietening our busy mind and focusing on letting our inner mind be heard. The difference is you focus on a picture, either in your mind or real life, that depicts the situation you need guidance on, or depicts the final outcome of where you would like to be. This helps you to refocus on how to achieve it, or gain your own answers to what steps you need to take. Vision boards are a perfect example of this. When you create a board full of images that depict what you want you will begin to notice the answers as too how to achieve them appear!
  • Reading- Following your intuition is not a new concept! There are a plethora of really useful books, blogs and podcasts out there that can support you in your journey. I’m currently reading ‘Warrior Goddess Training’ by Heatherash Amara. It’s a really great way to learn some techniques that help you tune in.
  • Angel/Oracle cards- Using these cards can be a really great way of strengthening your instincts and building trust in yourself. I have used Angel cards for many years and read them regularly for others, to provide support and guidance. You may be thinking ‘But I don’t know how to read them’, don’t worry! A great place to start is to shuffle your pack whilst thinking of a question/situation/scenario that you need guidance with. When it feels right take out a card from the pack. That is the answer to whatever it was you where asking. However, the cards don’t always work literally, so it may take sometime to fully understand the guidance, but don’t discount it just because it doesn’t appear to fit your situation. Keep the guidance in mind for the next few days when making choices, decisions and plans! I’m always happy to do a reading for you- just drop me a message!

What does it mean to be an intuitive coach?

Simply put, I’m the interpreter helping you learn the new language of your intuition! I decode some of the messages you are receiving. I am able to ‘tap into’ your mindset & thought patterns. I have an extraordinary gift that allows me to ‘tune’ into you. Many of my clients describe it as me ‘just getting them’,knowing how they are feeling and what’s holding them back without them saying a word’. I use my intuition! Digging deep into these mindset blocks or thought patterns, then removing the blockage means you get real change, often described by my clients as transformational! You’re also left with a greater understanding of how to tune into your intuition, how to trust your own judgements and how to discover your true self!

I hope this has helped you gain a clearer understanding of what I’m REFERRING to when i talk about intuition, as well as some tips on how to begin tuning into your intuition. Please do share your thoughts and journey with me in the comments

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