Understanding energy flow

My last blog shared my insights into what I believe intuition to be and how it works. Following on from that I invite you to share my insights on energy flow.

Energy flows within and around us connecting us with ourselves, others and nature.

When I think about energy my immediate thoughts are of a battery. A small metal container that holds such immense power, given it’s size. I imagine opening it up and peeking inside to see a ball of warm light floating, humming gently, just waiting to be expended. Is this energy????

Aura or Human Biofield

Energy is in fact everywhere, in everything and the life force of all. As Humans we are surrounded (and connected to) by what could be described as a force field of ‘energy’. This electromagnetic energy spans out up to 6 feet around the body and can be detected by an MRI machine. It is often referred to as your ‘Aura’ and is described by many as having colours associated to it. These colours are visible to some who are tuned to see them. This energy flowing around our bodies is in tune with the health of our physical body. If our health is depleted often our energy flow is low- we literally run out of energy! There are many many blogs, books, podcasts etc dedicated to Auras, reading them, healing them and how they connect with out chakras. If this is something you would like to find out more about here are some good place to start-

How energy flows

I’ve spent sometime thinking about how to share my insights on how I interpret energy flow. It’s a fairly abstract topic so can be difficult to put into a context that may provide you with insights that help move you forward and grow. However, after reading about the notion of linear and cyclical living I decided to use it as a way of giving context to energy flow. I hope it works!

What is Cyclical & Linear Living???

Energy is ever flowing

Linear living is goal orientated- we do ‘A’ and ‘B’ and it results in ‘C’, which in turn effects ‘D’. This way of living is useful for some elements of life- recipes, instructions, organising a large event etc. However, it hinders creativity and joy.

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say as a teen I was all about Linear living! I wanted what I wanted, how I wanted it and now! I didn’t want to be patient, and in some respects didn’t want to follow steps. I wanted instant results.

Cyclical living is about allowing for the ebbs and flows, accepting change and growth and realising we have little control over the people and things around us. Of course we can on occasion push our will onto a situation to gain a desired outcome but in truth life flows around us and we cannot control that. When we learn to honour the cycles of life we learn to love and learn from all it has to offer.

Heatherash Amara, author of Warrior Goddess Training, reminds us “In ancient times, individuals and communitie shared in the cyclical changes of nature by gathering to celebrate the equinoxes and solstices. Every part of the cycle, from recent deaths to new births was honoured.” She goes on to say- “Coming together in community gave all the people a pause from their day to day life to witness the cycles of change in their community. This allowed them to feel they were part of the whole and to choose where they wanted to put their energy in the coming months.”

This has me reflecting on the times we live in. Our society is far less connected to each other as well as to cycles of the earth. There is much less coming together leading to a sense of separation. Couple that with the fast pace of instant replies to email, text and social media, we are pushed to begin to believe that internal transformations and external change should happen in an instant. This then leads to feelings of frustration, self-judgement and confusion.

How can we let go of our linear living and embrace the flow of energy around us?

In the context of running a business it can be easy to fall into the ‘set a goal, take an action, see a result’ way of being. I’m not saying this doesn’t have a place, more that it is part of a bigger picture. Before you set any goals you need to be comfortable with the idea that you don’t hold all the cards! Change may happen, but it may not be in the direction you plan! This lesson has been one of the toughest for me, not only in my own business, but when working with other women guiding them to create plans for their business growth. My mentor, Faith De’Hazard, recently left me a voice note as an ‘answer’ to a challenge I was facing. With her permission I wish to share her insight with you, to help guide you when thinking of how to embrace the flow of energy.

I want you to think of seed, pushed deep down into the darkness, to all intends and purposes abandoned. We leave that seed in the dark to push, force and break out of the darkness into the light. We know not to dig up the seed, checking for growth as we risk the entire process. And once that seed sprouts out into the light we continue to watch, listening to it’s needs in order to encourage growth. We know it needs sun and water to grow, but we administer this carefully as too much will disrupt the flow and the hard work of the seed in the darkness will be wasted.

Faith De’Hazard

Be Bold, Find Balance, Be more Flamingo! Vxx

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