Want to banish Imposter Syndrome?

Feel like a fraud? Worry you’re about to be found out? Panic that everyone thinks you’re rubbish? Hold yourself to unrealistic standards? Set out of reach goals???

If you have answered yes to any of the above it’s possible you have been struck with Imposter Syndrome. Defined as- a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their skills, talents or accomplishments and has a persistent internalised fear of being exposed as a fraud.

Image source: ccl.org

Imposter Syndrome is said to be rife amongst women, especially those running businesses or working in the corporate world . There are many theories as too why women tend to be struck by this syndrome more prevalently. One being that as small children, women are often told to ‘be quiet, meek and cute’ or their assertiveness is labelled as bossy and precocious. Girls, from a young age, are often pitted against each other. Teen magazines rating female celebrities on who is prettiest etc.

So how does Imposter Syndrome ‘show up’ in our day to day life???? Dr Valerie Yang came up with five ‘personas’ that embody Imposter Syndrome.

  • The Perfectionist- Setting themselves unrealistic goals, having to have everything perfect all of the time.
  • Superwoman- The woman who has to appear as if she has it all under control. Takes on more and more, never saying no, pushing herself too hard.
  • The Natural Genius- The woman who believes she must know it all, or at least appear too! She berates herself when things don’t come naturally to her, feeling like a failure if she has to ‘give in’ and attend a workshop.
  • The Soloist- Miss ‘I got this’, the one who does it all alone. Asking for help is failure!
  • The Expert– She is a failure if she does not (appear) to know everything and have all the answers. You won’t catch her asking questions in the group chat!
Image source: Pablo Stanley

Recognise yourself in any of these descriptions???

I certainly recognise myself in at least a couple! At times, over the last few years, running a business, I have definitely let Imposter Syndrome creep in, even possibly take over. Completing the training to gain an NLP Master Practitioner diploma enabled me to fully understand what Imposter Syndrome feelings were, as well as how they show up for me, because as with many mindset blocks, the way they present differs for each person. It was also at this point I learnt some technique to help me banish the thoughts from my mind, enabling me to continue on my journey as a coach and entrepreneur. I have 10 ways to banish Imposter Syndrome that I’d like to share with you. Read on!

10 ways to banish imposter syndrome

1- Stop comparing yourself to others. This means no more scrolling through the socials of those who make you feel inadequate, insecure or less confident. Unfollow if you have too!

2- Foster a positive mindset. Set up a routine to keep you focused, get dressed even if you’re not leaving the house. Take time to nurture yourself, go for a walk, listen to music, eat your fave foods. Start a gratitude practice, maybe a journal or jar to record all that you are thankful for and is good in your life. Changing the focus of your mindset to ‘have’ rather than ‘have not’ can be huge!

3- Push through the tough stuff to make change happen. When we stay happy in our comfort zone, we get complacent. It starts to become harder to make changes. But change is where transformation happens!

4- Let go of the idea that people are judging your every move. Really they’re not! Surround yourself with those who want to lift you up, not drag you down. If you feel judged negatively by others, recognise that is a reflection of something within them, rather than a failing by you.

5-Write a list of all of your achievements, skills and qualifications gained over the last few years. Everything counts when it comes to this list- becoming a parent, settling a child in school, making your first sale, designing your first social media post….. all count as huge achievements! Use this list too motivate you and to look back over when you feel Imposter Syndrome creeping in.

Image source: Madworld summit

6-Regularly clear out your social media. Remove, restricy, unfollow any accounts or people who bring negativity to what you believe or do. Remember the universe returns to us more of the energy we put out, so be sure to be putting out positivity!

7-What’s triggering my insecurities??? When you start to notice yourself feeling insecure think about what is motivating those feelings. Are they rooted in jealously, inadequacy, fear of failure? Clarifying the root cause can help you work on that aspect of your mindset.

8-Visualise your success! Create a vision board or in your minds eye imagine yourself living with the success you want. How does it feel? Hold that image in your mind and use it as a focus when overwhelm takes over.

9-Embrace your flaws. It’s ok to go live without makeup on! You don’t have to have the most instagram-able house to take a selfie. Not everyday you will be feeling amazing, it’sok to share those sides of yourself too. People will relate more to a person who shows all sides of their life. Allow yourself to be vulnerable rather than getting into the mindset that you must always be perfect.

10- BE YOU. Accept who you are, your limitations and your strengths. Be honest about who you are, firstly to yourself but to others too. Be bold, stand tall!

sometimes it can be useful to use the skills of a coach to help you transform your mindset, meaning when imposter syndrome strikes you have tools in your bag to help you identify whats happening and move on.

If you would like to know more about how my coaching services can help you banish Imposter Syndrome feel free to drop me a message

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