Overthinking much???

in todays chaotic climate it’s easy to find ourselves overthinking, our minds on overtime with constant disaster planning….

In this quick read blog (5 mins) I share with you the labels given to the different ways you may be experiencing overthinking (labels are important when it comes to helping us recognise and name what is happening) as well as some useful tips to help you quiet your mind, refocus and be present.

1- Worries about the future-

Processing the ‘worst case scenarios‘ and the ‘what ifs‘ of something potentially distressing in the future- for example financial struggles or health issues. Spending our time disconnected from our reality and projecting our energy into the future. Focus on the present! Make a list of things that are good about the day/week/reality you live in.

2- Rumination about the past-

Constantly going over an event in the past that hurt you or led to negative outcome- for example, replaying traumatic events or shaming yourself for a mistake you made. This can be a tricky one to move on from as trauma can imprint our energy and can be difficult to shift without taking time to work on making the shift. Hypontherapy, shamanic healing and chakra cleansing can all help release stuck or blocked energy. CBT and NLP can help you transform your mindset, enabling you to view the events differently, allowing you to move forward.

3- ‘Big picture’ overthinking-

Being stuck on an outcome behind certain societal concerns- for example global warning, corona virus etc. A digital detox can be really beneficial in these situations. Removing the source of information that is feeding your overload. Grounding yourself daily, helps you remain in the present and allows your energy to be recharged.

4- Mindreading-

Overthinking how others are perceiving something- for example how they view you, whether they’re still judging you for something you did in the past, whether they notice an imperfection you are trying to hide. Social media has a lot to answer for! The idea we need to be perfect, in all aspects of our life has been magnified by social media. A digital detox can help give you some time and space to revaluate who you follow, what you post and how often you scroll. Talking to those you love can also be hugely beneficial in helping boost your self love. Ask them for some reassurances- it’s ok to ask for help and let them know you are feeling vulnerable.


Overthinking the outcome of a relatively ‘small’ decision- for example what to wear, or what toothpaste to buy. Although small, this indecisiveness can soon become crippling, resulting in anxiety that is debilitating. If you find yourself struggling with this try passing the decision on to someone else (until you rebuild your energy). Let your partner be in charge of shopping or meal planning etc. Send 10 mins on a Sunday eve prepping your outfits for the week so on the actual day you just grab it and go!

6-Over-reading into things-

Analysing something that objectively justify that much consideration- for example fixating on the meaning behind a surface level comment days after it’s said. Happening to you? Try grounding yourself and then spending 4/5 mins focusing on a positive affirmation. You could also try cleansing your energy (using sage smudging) to remove any negative energy lingering. If it feels appropriate you could talk to the person who said the comment and ask them for clarification- no confrontational, let them know you are over-reading, but in order to rest you need to talk it through.

Photo by Gabby K on Pexels.com


Being ‘stuck’ in an unproductive, negative thought loop about a circumstance- for example ‘I can’t do this’ or ‘there’s no point’. Time to clean away the stagnant energy that is acting like a negative fog on your day. Sage smudging is a good place to start, remember to open the windows to let the negative energy out!


Being ‘Stuck in an unproductive negative loop about yourself- example “I’m such a burden”, “I hate my body” etc. Journaling is a useful tool for helping you remind yourself why those statements are not true. Dispel them using positive statements about yourself and use these statements as daily affirmations.

9- mental chatter-

Generalised thoughts in the background that are passive in nature but distract you from being present in the moment. Time out in nature, taking time to observe mindfully what you see and hear can help you reconnect with the present. When the mental chatter grows too loud take some grounding breathes- close your eyes, breathing in deep imagining sucking in pure clean air (energy). Release the breath, blowing out as you exhale, imagining a plume of black/grey smoke , expelling the negative energy from your body.

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Victoria is an Intuitive Coach supporting women on their journey to discover, trust and act upon their on intuition, in life and business. You can find her at Flamin Flamingo Coaching on both Facebook and Instagram

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