Is fear crippling your productivity?

1-saying how you really feel

women sat in shadows with her hands over her eyes

Oh this is a biggy!!! How often do you say ‘yes’ when you mean ‘NO’? Agree to a contract with not quite the terms you’d hoped for because you don’t want to turn away work? Allow others to share they unsolicited opinion? Saying how you really feel isn’t free reign to be rude or hurt others feelings, tact is still required! When we remove the fear of being judged or making the wrong call we free ourselves to be honest. Try it! Say no next time!

2- turning off notificationsand having time to yourself outside technology

When was your last digital detox day? How often do you leave your phone switched off? I realise in these ‘Corona’ times we are all being pushed online but it doesn’t mean you have to be available 24/7. The fear of never switching off comes when we have the mindset of scarcity. Being afraid that f we switch off, we may miss an opportunity and that may be the last/only opportunity we get. Try reframing your thoughts- If a message is sent whilst you take time out you can catch up with it when you return. Any ‘missed’ opportunity from having tine out was not really an opportunity suited to you anyway as the universe will always send you what you need, at a time you need it. Enjoy the freedom of switching off your phone/laptop!

3- making a decision purely because it’s what will bring you the most happiness not because it pleases others.

hand drawn image of a girl's head, hair in bunches with a gold crown over the right hand side bunch. Words reading 'be you'

Never be afraid of doing the things that make you happy. Especially when it comes to your business, after all it’s YOUR business. I know we are often told (I tell my clients this!) to think about how what we offer/sell meets the needs of our ideal client, but it’s also important that your business continues to light you up! Don’t be afraid of pushing in a new direction, in order to continue to feel passionate about what you do. It’s likely to be more successful than if you continue to do what is expected of you- leading to disenchantment and feeling unfulfilled. Your business is you- be you!

4- your happiness doesn’t depend on other people, it’s right there within yourself.

Don’t fear being alone, or doing things alone. If you’re the only one doing something, it doesn’t mean you have got it wrong, trust yourself. Same goes for doing things, going places. If there is a training workshop you fancy, a talk, a networking session- go! Being alone doesn’t need to feel scary, feel empowered that you are taking the steps you require to improve your business. Don’t be afraid of disrupting your industry. Be the person who does it differently, even if it means going it alone.

5- talking about and being proud of what you have achieved

Share your wins! Your success inspires others. Your bravery to try new ideas and succeed gives others the courage to try. Never dull your light just to fit in, you will quickly feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied. Do you have a page on your website to share your accolades and awards? Make sure you regularly share the reviews and testimonials you receive- you worked hard for those! Owning your success is a major part of transforming your mindset when is comes to having a successful business. Remember the energy you send out is returned to you ten-fold!

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