3 tips for nailing Facebook lives

Quick read 3/5mins- no fuss just facts!

Does wondering where to look, what to say, when to go live put you off even trying?

I have 3 tips to share with you. Implementing these will boost your confidence when it comes to going live as well as giving you clarity over what to say!

1- Content

Anything you can write you can say! With that in mind any content you have planned you can present in a live. We can get too hung up on ‘the right’ type of content for a live or a post, but in reality as long as it’s purposeful content, delivering value to your audience, you’re good to go! No one wants to read or listen too boring salesy content, so hold off on going live (or posting!) just to try and sell something. Share the benefits of what you are trying to sell, share some tips and techniques for using your product, share a review, but don’t spend 5 mins wittering on about the price, why they should buy it etc.

Interviews work well, instead of screenshotting that testimonial why not jump on live with the customer and interview them for their feedback?

Things to remember- Always introduce yourself. Even if the live is on your own page it could be shared to an audience who know nothing about you! State the purpose of the live. This way people know what they are watching and what to expect. Don’t forget to give a rough time estimate as to how long you will be live, so people know whether to watch along or catch the replay. Try using keywords (words people would use to search the topic) in your description/purpose of the live. That way it’s more likely to show up in a search!

2- Interacting

I’m regularly asked “should I say hello to all the watchers indivdually?” My view is no. Unless you can see there is just one person watching alone, in which case your live becomes almost like a conversation with that person! But as a viewer, it’s infuriating when, mid sentence, the presenter say ‘Hi Jill!’. Try saying a quick hello to all watchers in the minute or two AFTER you have introduced yourself, that way it’s given your audience time to log on, so more viewers, and everyone feels welcomed.

Answering questions is another area that can cause a wobble. My top tip is to set expectations with your audience. Let them know when you will answer e.g. as you go along, at the end, in the comments etc and then stick to that. Don’t let a question in the comments throw you off track. To avoid this you could say you won’t be looking through the comment thread until the end. Quick tech tip- if you’re going live on your phone the comments appear when you swipe left, so swiping right puts them out of view!

Where to look???? If you are worried about where to focus your gaze there are 2 great ways of keeping you looking at the camera. 1- Pop a post it note over your camera screen and talk to the lens of your camera. Not being able to see yourself helps so people feel more confident. 2- Pop a soft toy just behind your phone talk to it, looking (almost) over your phone. It can also calm your nerves as you can imagine you are chatting to the soft toy- simple!

3- Call to action

End each and every live (and post for that matter!) with a call to action- something you wnat your audience to do following your live. Be strategic, think about what actions you can take that will help you achieve the purpose of your live. Meaning, if you share some tips, to build your ‘expert’ status in your industry, ask you audience to share with people they think these tips will help. If you want the opinion and insights of your audience ask them to leave you a comment sharing their thoughts.

Finally, smile! remember your audience are not watching along waiting for you to fail! They are part of your trible because they trust you, they want to hear what you have to say. If something goes wrong breathe, laugh it off and carry on. You can do this!

For more tips on engaging with your audience join my facebook group- https://www.facebook.com/groups/how2growyourgroup

The image used in this blog was created by This Girl means Business. Check out her blog for more fabulous tips https://thegirlsmeanbusiness.com/facebook-live-tips-nervous-business-owners/

2 thoughts on “3 tips for nailing Facebook lives

  1. I love the soft toy suggestion, I might have to try that!

    Some brilliant tips. I never thought about introducing myself each time but it makes sense on lives that can be shared!


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