Ain’t I a Woman???

A question, famously asked by Sojourner Truth. Sojourner was an African- American women, who fought hard for the rights of both women and the abolition of slavery. How did I discover Sojourner? At 18 years old, when Sojourner Truth first rocked my world, I was young, shy and somewhat naive. But reading the words of … Continue reading Ain’t I a Woman???

Bad Ass Boudicca

Incase you didn't know Boudicca is famous for leading a major rebellion against the Roman army. She was a brave, fierce, bad ass warrior woman, and this is why she fascinates me so much! I'm inspired by Boudicca's loyalty to her tribes, her 'not backing down' mentality and her bravery in the most scary and … Continue reading Bad Ass Boudicca

Women who changed my world.

Let me explain.... Browsing my local library, kids history section, I discovered there is actually a fair amount of women who have done amazing things over the years that has changed this planet for the better. So when I decided that 2020 would be the year I looked more closely into the lives and actions … Continue reading Women who changed my world.