Let me take you from Stressed to Success in your business!

I’m guessing you’re here because you….

  • Have a creative side hustle you’d like to earn money from??
  • Already run a creative, passion-led business? Juggling this with your responsibilities as a mum? Add in a dollop of housework, cooking, pets and caring for others??
  • Not sure which piece of advice or tip to listen too, so you’re drowning in them all?
  • Want to be super clear on what the priorities are in your business to earn more profit?
  • Want to feel confident about pitching your business, going to networking, being visible on your socials- going live?!?
  • Want to feel confident about your decisions? Finally feel like you know what your doing?
  • How about finally understanding how to earn money from your social media, rather than just spending a hella time on your phone?

The Services I offer to help you go from stressed to success…..

The Power Hour– one off coaching as you need it

A Power Hour is my ‘one off, stand alone’ coaching session. These sessions can be taken as and when you need them. Often taken at times when specific challenges arise and support is needed.

This is a 60 min one to one session (via Zoom) in which I will help you unpick what is causing you the feelings often described as overwhelm, overstretched, confusion, lack of confidence. You will have my listening ear, we can bounce around ideas, identify any blocks & plan how to overcome them. I will help you focus on the priorities to ensure profitability in your plans! Topics often covered in a Power Hour;

  • Social media- how to gain followers, increase engagement, write content, use hashtags etc
  • Making more sales- ideal clients & finding your niche
  • Figuring out what are the immediate priorities are for your business
  • Rapid mindset transformation when your stuck in a cycle of procrastination, self sabotage or self doubt
  • Spiritual guidance in the form of tarot/oracle/angel card readings, meditations, visualisations, energy healing and soul purpose guidance

Power Hour sessions are designed as stand alone sessions, so there’s no need to book a block, or feel like you will be tied in to multiple sessions. One session, sort the issues, move forward! You have the freedom to book Power Hour sessions as often as you like! The price will always remain the same £79 per session.

90 day Clarity Kickstart– 1:1 coaching program

My 1:1 coaching programme is for women who want to quit playing it easy, who want real results, who commit to investing in the future of their business and know success is the only option! This 90 day coaching package is tailored to your needs, build to reflect the challenges you face and the support you need to overcome. The biggest focus is one transformation of your mindset, whilst building your business skills, to enable you not only to have the business knowledge but the confidence and clarity to effectively implement it. Drawing on my NLP Practitioner training, life coach qualifications, insights as a spirit medium and energy healer I will use the modalities that guarantee most success for you. Below are the 3 options available to you

-1x 40 min coaching session (via Zoom)
per week.
-Access to my training video vault
As Bronze plus
-week ahead card reading using oracle cards
-Access to me for on-going support between sessions via What’s App

*payment plan available
As Silver plus;
-2 personalised meditations/visualisations per month
-Weekly journal prompts
-2 extra coaching calls to use during the 90 days
-Monthly social media content prompts/planner

*payment plan available

The Strategy Sessions– group coaching

Being a solopreneur can be lonely. Sometimes you can feel such a weight on your shoulders, being the sole decision maker, idea-haver, marketing strategy designer, accountant…. the list is endless. It can also feel daunting as well as hard to stay motivated when you sign up to a business coaching package that you complete alone. I hear you! This is exactly why I created The Strategy Sessions- my 6 wk group mastermind programme! This mastermind is designed to provide you with CLARITY, COMMUNITY, CONFIDENCE and a clear PLAN that you can refer to whenever overwhelm or confusion sets in Here’s what you will gain-

  • STRUCTURE – Easy to follow, simple to implement training, supported by easy to use templates- no more reinventing the wheel! Each week has a theme built around the three pillars of Know/Like/Trust meaning you can return to these themes if you need clarity again in the future. All training is delivered live in our private Facebook group with the opportunity to ask questions, share ideas & share your completed tasks with me for feedback
  • TAILORED SUPPORT – Our initial discovery 1:1 call is designed to enable me to tailor the support to your needs, meaning the examples and demo’s I use will apply to your area of business, rather than being generic.
  • COMMUNITY – Bi-weekly 90 minute group coaching session (via Zoom) creating a space for you to feel supported, part of a like-minded group, sharing ideas & knowledge. Plus the supportive space of our private Facebook group.
  • CONFIDENCE – These 6 weeks have been designed with you in mind! I want you to feel confident about the decisions you make, being visible in your business and in your ability to succeed. Not only will you gain the business tools, but you’ll be gaining tools that transform your mindset too!

Your investment – £297

*The Strategy Sessions will provide you with training on the following areas- Turning your passion into profit, Identifying your ideal client & how to speak to them, How to create engaging content for social media & be visible on your accounts, Your customers journey & processes in your business, Creating a marketing campaign.

If you’d like to level up your business this is the programme for you! Doors open every 3 months with limited space so drop me a message if you’re interested!

To find out more about working with me book your free 30 min clarity call

THE CLARITY CLUB- Free Facebook community

If you’re a Mum running a creative business, wanting to get more in tune with, and trusting of your intuition this is the group for you! Learning to trust your intuition results in more self confidence, clarity and focus in not only your business, but all aspects of your life. The Clarity Club is my space to guide you to tuning in to your intuition!

What’s going on inside??
>Weekly FREE mindset transformation training with me. Sharing meditations, intention setting, visualisations, angel card readings as well as making all that ‘business’ stuff easier to understand and quicker to implement

> Live Q&A’s with guest experts on a wide range of topics relevant to being a mum & running a business

>A like-minded community providing support, ideas and laughter!

Come and join us!